Dystoria Changelog 0.46

Game-feel improvements: Lowered the height of the ship -Ship feels faster at lower heights. -Brought camera in closer to compensate for different ship height. -Changed FOV to make movement feel faster. -Enemy Targeting systems will need adjustments Tightened up camera clip avoidance Added Chime Sound to Countdown Added re-coupling sound Turrets have explosion sounds now […]

Dystoria Changelog 0.45

-Added voiceover shield and health warnings -Nerfed LaserBurst Bullet (Turret) -Updated single barrel turret (legs and texture) -Added numeric display to the shield icon -Running out of Time now destroys player -Time Pickups added in larger levels -Added Level Titles -Fixed Error where shield and health warnings repeat

Dystoria Changelog 0.44

-Added Computer Voice -Added Volume Control for Computer Voice – needs work -Adjusted Ship Movement for smoothing on slower machines – Needs Testing